Our school councillors are elected across Years 1 to 6 at the start of the school year by their peers.

They all have the important job of representing the views of their classmates, and ensuring the opinions of their fellow pupils are heard during decisions that are made that effect the school.

We have an active school council made up of pupils from Year 1 to Year 6. Each pupil is democratically elected to their post at the start of each academic year, where nominations are taken, and then potential candidates present a speech to encourage their fellow pupils to vote for them. The successful candidates are then elected to represent the views of all the pupils and to improve our school.

Our school council is made up of 5 subcommittees who all have an important role to play in our school:

  • Events and Fundraising (led by Mrs Holdcroft) support in planning and running both curriculum events and in fundraising for both the school’s PTA and charities.
  • Healthy School Ambassadors (led by Mrs Dodd and Mr Boneham) support in helping our school to be as healthy as possible – in body and mind! Our recent successes have been our WOW! Walk to school tracker where we encouraged everyone to be active in how they journey to school.
  • Digital Ambassadors (led by Mr Price) support in setting up our computing equipment, helping everyone to keep safe when using devices.
  • Eco Warriors (led by Mrs Peake) work hard to keep our school clean and tidy and encourage us all to be eco-friendly.
  • Espanol Amigos (led by Mr Gardner) work across to KS2 to support in the provision of our MFL curriculum. They support in Spanish themed events and clubs.

In addition to our school council members, we also have a selection of children with additional responsibilities across school such as prefects, happy to helpers, play pals, reading buddies, librarians and learning ambassadors.