Statutory Information

The Department for Education require that all school websites contain certain information. To facilitate you finding the information you need, this page provides some useful shortcuts. 

General Information

Information on our school ethos can be found on our Ethos and Values page. 

Pupil Premium

Please click here to view our pupil premium allocation and reports. 

Sports Premium

Please click here to view our sports premium allocation and reporting. 

Admissions Information

Please click here to view information on our school admissions arrangements. 


An overview of our school curriculum can be found here. 


Please click here to view our policies. 

Results and Performance

Of latest Ofsted report can be found here and the link to our performance tables can be found here.


Request for Paper Copies

If you require paper copies of any of the information provided on this website, please contact us and we will be happy to provide them for you. 01902 921159 . 

If you require paper copies for any of the above policies or any other information provided on our website, please make a request with our school office.