Sun Safe

At Perry Hall we are taking part in the Sun Safe Schools national accreditation scheme- the content of this forms part of our duty of care to ensure the health and wellbeing of your child(ren) during school hours. The scheme has been developed by national skin cancer charity ‘Skcin’ to assist primary schools in working with the children and parents to increase knowledge of how to keep safe in the sun.  We will

be sharing the Sun Safety message with your children in school.  Parental support is vital in our efforts to keep the children safe, you can support this by providing your child with sunhats and sunscreen.  Children are strongly encouraged to apply their own sunscreen at school and parents can provide support by showing the children how to do this whilst at home. 

How you can help:

Provide your child with sunscreen (SPF 30+ and UVA star rating of 4 stars minimum)

Provide your child with a labelled sun hat (broad rimmed or bucket style)

Show your child how to correctly apply sunscreen.