Fantastic news for our Perry Hall pupils…

Magical Maths is coming back to Perry Hall Primary School!!

Key stage one and two were treated today, to a truly wizardly experience, from the Magical Maths’ ‘mathemagician’. 

He treated us to one of his mind blowing card tricks, and promised us that we could all be as magical as he is, just by applying various maths skills… and he is willing to show us how. 

Look out for the Magical Maths Club, led by Professor Poopenshtinken and his mathletes, which starts after the Autumn half-term break. 

Magical Maths is a super fun after school club designed to boost children’s confidence and better engage them with maths.

The club runs for an hour a week after school starting Thursday 14th November and will run for 5 weeks. Each week has a different theme and includes a dressed up character including Professor Poopenshtinken (maths genius), the Mathemagician, Stately Holmes (the maths detective) and the Olympic Mathletes!

For more information and to sign up, visit:

Or call

01902 275 275

Places are limited so sign up quick!